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What’s the difference between being homeless and Half-Homeless? The Half-Homeless are fortunate enough to have a car, truck, van, bus or RV they can live in. By day, the Half-Homeless use their cars as transportation to jobs or to look for work, as they try to get a more permanent roof over their heads. By night, they have to find a place hidden from the police to park and sleep.

Typically the Half-Homeless don’t think of themselves as homeless. They don’t go to the shelters. They don’t ask for or know there should be help. It is a desperate lonely, struggle to survive and be independent.

Due to the combination of the job and housing crisis, tens of thousands of Americans are losing their homes becoming Half-Homeless everyday.

There is a huge need to help this rapidly growing, hidden, stigmatized, harassed and extremely underserved segment of the US homeless population by providing a safe place to park and an help to get back on their feet into a real home.

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